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Remote control Bras

LOL when I first saw this I thought she needs to be on who’s got talent but notice the control in her hand.


Tila Tequila Sex Tape

Tila Tequila property of
Happy Valentines Day, when will they learn celebrities love the camera don they and some how always lose track of their videos by accidentely letting them fall into the hands of porn companies. the same company that brought you the Kim K sex tape has released today a lesbian sex tape of Tila Tequila. Tila was trying to stop the tapes release and is now in the process of suing the company as other celebs have done before.

Hangovers in Korea

Morning CareSo last night was a pretty good night. I went to a club called the U.N. yeah the United Nations lol. When I first went inside I was approached by like 3 Mongolian girls I knew they were Mongolian because they told me. But these girls were Juicy’s meaning they worked for the club and they try to get you to buy them overpriced drinks in exchange for their conversation (do I look that desperate). Well I declined but because they were bored they crowded around me and talked to me anyway. They left me for the first guys that came with suits on, I guess they looked like money, the Juicy’s love the money. I drank a lot like 4 tequilas and a unlimited amount of beers, usually I try not to drink that much but I wasn’t driving so whatever. All in all it was a regular Wednesday in Korea. I woke up with a banging hangover. Luckily in Korea in just about any convenience store you can buy a hangover cure. I brought the one called morning care. I have never tried any hangover cures before but I will experiment on myself today with this one because my headache is killing me. I will comment and let you guys know if it works or if I just wasted $4.

Why You shouldn’t cook with vegetable oil

By the way I don’t cook with Vegetable oil anyway I just use whale blubber all joking aside who knew that heating vegetable oils past a certain temperature caused toxins associated with heart disease and cancer to be released. Read this article see at the adventures of Life we look out for your life (sometimes). – What is the best oil to cook with.

Kim Kardashian Superbowl AD

Does she really wear shape-ups who cares? Looking good Kim.

Eva Longoria back on the market

Eva Longoria finalized her divorce to Tony Parker last Friday that’s always sad, but its perfect timing to remind you of her hotness. Since you’ll probably never have a chance with her I went to Miami recently and the girls down there should be good enough to satisfy you. If not just watch desperate housewives.

MTV show Skins almost exact copy of U.K. Skins

This is crazy MTV its like the same exact show except for I don’t need subtitles to understand British accents. Check the clip out people and chant USA…unless your not from the U.S. then chant something else.